Moment Introduces a New 67mm Filter Mount that Works with Almost Any Phone

Moment, known for creating camera gear and accessories for creative professionals, is back in their core market with a new product for mobile and smartphone street photographers, with the Moment 67mm Filter Mount.
The company states that users can now mount a filter to any phone, even without a case. This adapter is compatible with any phone on the market, single/multi-lens, with or without a case (maximum thickness of 15,5mm). It even works with iPads and laptop cameras. Otherwise, please note that vignetting can occur on ultra-wide cameras due to the nature and design of the filters.

Designers at Moment also took additional measures by machining a speaker grill into the mount. It will allow creators to use the audio from their phone’s rear-facing microphone during filming, something the company says isn’t available on competing mobile filter solutions.

It’s made from machined aluminum and clamps securely to the phone without damaging the glass thanks to a padded contact. The tool-less accessory tightens easily to the phone and any standard 67mm filter can be screwed onto the mount. Moment says all outside light will be blocked from going into the filter.


  • Works with any standard 67mm filter
  • Secure fit, won’t slip off
  • Extremely easy to put on and align
  • Blocks all light from the outside for the cleanest image possible
  • Speaker grill allows audio recording through phone’s rear facing microphone
  • Precision machined aluminum housing
  • Works with or without a case on your phone (max. case thickness 15.5mm)
  • Padded contact points won’t damage phone camera glass
  • Works with front facing phone cameras
  • Works with laptop camera
  • Filters sold separately

The Moment 67mm Filter Mount retails for $29.99, and it should start shipping between the 21st and 28th of April. Also, bundles are available with Moment’s variable ND filters, starting at $154.00.

You can pre-order the Moment 67mm Filter Mount directly on Moment’s website.

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