The escura Hasselback Portrait Combine Two of the Most Iconic Brands in Camera History

What happens when you mix an old, high-end Hasselblad medium-format camera with the modern, inexpensive Fujifilm Instax instant film?
This idea drives the analog photography company escura to “take instant photography to a new level.”

The concept behind the Hasselblad Portrait is straightforward: it’s an instant film back that lets you shoot Fujifilm Instax Mini film—currently going for $13.50 for a twin-pack of 20 total exposures—on any Hasselblad V-System medium format film camera.

The back is designed to fit seamlessly onto your Hasselblad camera, installing in one click and letting you expose photos as normal. A viewfinder adapter, focusing table, and darkslide are also included. Once you’ve taken a photo, a knob on the side of the instant film back allows you to manually eject the photo and watch it develop.

According to the company, which design and produce cameras since 1996, “the escura Hasselback Portrait is light, mobile and durable, made of military-grade aluminum manufactured with the highest precision CNC technologies.”

Build-wise, the Hasselblad Portrait is weather-sealed and wrapped in artificial leather that is designed to match the fit and finish of your Hasselblad.

Following some sample photos captured with the current version:

To get that cheaper Instax film on a Hasselblad camera, backers will have to pledge about $232 and take that Kickstarter risk.
This idea has obviously resonated with owners of the old V-System cameras: the project was successfully funded after only two hours.

More info on Kickstarter page.

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