Peak Design Unveils the Camera Cube V2

Peak Design has released an updated version of their well-known Camera Cube product. The Camera Cube V2 enables photographers to safely store and organize their camera equipment within any bag, including the Peak Design Travel Bag.

The Camera Cube V2 captures the spirit of the original Camera Cube — which Peak Design currently sells in limited quantities — but contains many upgrades and improvements that make the V2 a more tempting option for many photographers. The use of waterproof zippers, wider main openings, enhanced outside handles, and new size possibilities are among the most notable innovations.

The waterproof nylon canvas cover and weather-sealed zippers of the Camera Cube V2 may appear trivial if the product is supposed to be placed inside another bag, but the carrier is quite versatile, thanks to external anchor points. Users can directly attach a strap to the Camera Cube V2 to create an instant camera bag.

The original Camera Cube is available in three sizes: small, medium, and big. While these three sizes may be sufficient for many, Peak Design has expanded its offerings to include X-small and “Smedium,” which fall at the smallest end of the size chart and between small and medium, respectively.

The X-small Camera Cube V2 is extremely small, with an internal space of only 3.5 liters. It is ideal for transporting a small drone, an action camera, or a non-grip interchangeable camera with a small lens.

The other new size, “smedium”, has a 10-liter capacity and various adjustable separators. It has enough room for an interchangeable lens camera, a lens attached, a few spare lenses, and a few tiny accessories. Of course, this depends on the size of each lens.

The medium and big options can accommodate many items for users who need extra space. For example, the enormous Camera Cube V2 can comfortably hold five or six lenses, including heavy telephoto lenses and a full-size camera body.

Peak Design’s website has a detailed description of external and internal measurements and integrated dividers. Despite enhancements in functionality and usability, the V2 sizes that contain correlations in the original V1 lineup are 10-15% lighter across the board.

The original Peak Design Camera Cube was already a versatile alternative for photographers looking to immediately and easily convert any backpack into a camera bag. Photographers now have even more alternatives for transporting their gear thanks to the Camera Cube V2, which includes new size possibilities.

Peak Design Camera Cubes V2 prices range from $50 for the X-small size to $90 for the Large capacity option.

More info on Peak Design’s website.

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