Pergear Unveils the 14mm f/2.8 II Full-Frame Lens

The second iteration of Pergear’s 14mm f/2.8 full-frame prime lens for mirrorless cameras has been announced. The Pergear 14mm f/2.8 II lens debuts less than a year after the original, which was launched in December of last year. Compared to the first-generation lens, the new and improved second-generation version is more compact and weights only 500 grams.

Another notable enhancement is the lowered minimum focusing distance. While the original Pergear 14mm f/2.8 lens could only focus as close as 0.43 meters, the sequel version has a significantly closer minimum focusing distance of 0.22m. Pergear has altered the lens hood design slightly this time, opting for a built-in lens hood. Despite the built-in lens hood, Pergear claims the lens is still filter-compatible with an 82mm filter adapter. Another change is the addition of a new metal lens cover, which Pergear claims is more durable and trustworthy.

The Pergear 14mm f/2.8 II lens incorporates a clicking aperture ring with full-stop markings on the barrel, in addition to the big focus ring with corresponding metric and imperial markings.

There are 13 elements arranged over nine groups inside the smaller and lighter lens barrel – the same number of elements and groups as the original lens. There are two aspherical, three low dispersion, and four high refractive index elements among the 13 elements. Pergear further mentions that six elements are manufactured by HOYA, an optical business known for producing high-quality lens filters.

On full-frame cameras, the Pergear 14mm f/2.8 II ultra-wide lens has a 114-degree field of view. According to Pergear, the lens renders subjects with minimal distortion, making it suitable for street, architectural, and landscape applications. Because of the brilliant f/2.8 aperture, it should be suitable for night sky photography. Pergear has switched from a 10-bladed aperture diaphragm to a new nine-bladed design

The Pergear 14mm f/2.8 II manual lens for Sony E, Nikon Z, Canon RF, and Leica L-Mount is now available for $269.

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