Phase One Release the Rodenstock 90mm f/5.6 Lens for its XT Camera Systems

Phase One today announced a remarkable new lens for its breakthrough XT Camera System: the Rodenstock 90mm. Embodying characteristics and workflow elements familiar to those shooting large format, the focal length of this lens offers outstanding sharpness and unbeatable image quality: with minute depth of field, uniform bokeh, and precise focus.

In concert with the powerful and highly integrated Phase One IQ4 Infinity Platform – a camera platform flexible enough to support evolving technology – this newest of Phase One’s Rodenstock lenses puts the XT camera in a class by itself.

Designed for landscape photography, the XT Camera System’s ability to shift 24mm on both the X- and Y-axes allows photographers to correct all perspective distortion and also to create panoramic/stitched images at tremendous scale/resolution. Since the 90mm’s 120mm image circle far exceeds the XT’s movements, this lens uniquely delivers perfect uniformity throughout all camera movements or flawless uniformity throughout camera perspectives. The combination of f/5.6 and a 67° angle of view uniquely focuses the subject.

All five available Rodenstock lenses are fitted with the Phase One designed and digitally integrated X-Shutter — an intelligently controlled electromagnetic shutter born from Phase One’s experience with industrial applications. It ensures robust handling for the long term.

  • The XT – Rodenstock HR Digaron-S 23mm f/5.6 is the highest quality wide-angle lens available.
  • The XT – Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 32mm f/4 is an exceptional quality wide-angle lens with a large image circle and almost no distortion.
  • The XT – Rodenstock XT – HR Digaron-W 50mm f/4 is an ideal balance of a “normal” focal length perspective and wide-angle aesthetic, a close equivalent to human vision.
  • The XT – Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 70mm f/5.6 is a normal focal length lens with impeccable image quality and a large image circle.
  • XT – Rodenstock HR Digaron – W/SW 90mm f/5.6 is the longest focal length lens and largest image circle with exceptional image resolution for getting closer to your subject

“The 90mm focal length defines the ‘feel’ of large format photography,” said Drew Altdoerffer, Product Manager at Phase One. “When it comes to Large Format aesthetic, this is the focal length artists have in mind and a longer focal length is a welcome addition to the XT.”

Phase One is also teasing another Rodenstock lens, which it says will be over 100mm and will be announced by the end of the year. Phase One says “several optical designs are under investigation, exploring the best balance of image circle, lens speed, size, weight, and complexity.”

The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price for the XT – Rodenstock HR Digaron – W/SW 90mm lens is $12,990.
More info on Phase One’s website.

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