Polaroid Upgrades Chemistry of Its B&W 600 Film

Polaroid reveals its highly anticipated photo quality upgrade with the B&W 600 Film – Monochrome Frame featuring a curated selection of frames in black, grey and white. Dedicated to continuous chemistry improvement for enhanced photo quality since its early Impossible project days, the company now offers photographers significantly more nuances of B&W, elevating the beauty of Black and White photography with increased clarity. The improved B&W chemistry will be rolled out across upcoming film releases.

Polaroid photography relies on its complex chemistry, with a positive sheet and negative material, that create instant photography through light exposure within the camera. Light-sensitive silver halide crystals in the film react upon exposure, forming a latent image. As the film passes through rollers, a developer chemical spreads across it, catalysing the conversion of exposed crystals into metallic silver, resulting in a visible image. Other chemicals control reaction speed, stabilize image quality, and protect against ambient light.

“Our film chemistry is at the very heart of what we do at Polaroid. We’re hard at work on numerous research tracks to keep pushing the film forward, and moments like these when we can release the new formulations to the public are super exciting. We’re very proud to manufacture all of this in our European factories, the world’s only Polaroid film production facilities! “

– Polaroid Chairman, Oskar Smolokowski.

Polaroid B&W 600 Film – Monochrome Frames offer a variety of frames in shades of black, white, & gray in each pack, with 8 photos, a built-in battery, and a development time of 5-10 minutes. Compatible with Polaroid 600 cameras, as well as the Polaroid I-2, Polaroid Now & Polaroid Now+ cameras, and Polaroid Lab printer, this limited edition film pack embodies the iconic Polaroid aesthetic while enhancing the instant photography experience.

The Polaroid B&W 600 Film – Monochrome Frames are available for $19.99

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