Ricoh Theta V Firmware Update Version 3.00.1 Released

Ricoh released a few days ago a firmware update version 3.00.1 for the Theta V camera.

This newest firmware version includes additional functions and product improvements:


  • Improved a function to correct rotational shake when shooting video. (When transferring to a smartphone with zenith correction turned on)
  • It is now possible to set ISO priority mode, shutter priority mode, and manual mode for shooting video.
  • Still image quality has been improved.
  • The differences in brightness in the stitched sections of the image during interval shooting has been reduced.
  • The interval shooting time with still image became shorter.
  • Display lamp visibility has been improved.
  • It is now compatible with Time Shift Shooting plug-in.
  • Bug fix.

More info on Ricoh’s website.

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