Sandmarc Unveils the 100mm Macro Lens for iPhone

Sandmarc has released a new 100mm macro lens for iPhones that greatly improves close-focusing skills and can capture what the company describes as better details and natural bokeh.
The lens joins Sandmarc’s lineup of iPhone-specific optics, including the 58mm telephoto lens previewed last year. Like that lens, Sandmarc’s most recent aims to improve the optical system of the iPhone’s built-in capabilities.

There are restrictions on capturing close-up objects on the newest iPhone models. According to Sandmarc, their 100mm macro lens offers a narrower depth of field and a longer minimum focusing distance, going well beyond what Apple’s smartphone can do on its own.

“While the native iPhone camera allows you to capture beautiful macro shots with everything in focus, the Macro 100mm offers a shallower depth of field,” the company says.

“This sought-after effect, which simulates the human eye, is a favorite among photographers and produces a more natural, organic look, countering the artificial sharpening found in newer iPhone models.”

A side-by-side comparison of what the iPhone can shoot and what is taken with Sandmac’s new lens reveals that the latter can get closer to a subject and significantly improve the depth of field, dramatically improving the visual effect of macro images.

Each lens comes with a casing and clip adapter that enables it to be installed on an iPhone with or without a dedicated case, according to Sandmarc, who describes the lens as made from premium multi-coated optics. The company also states that its lens is compatible with all iPhone models, enabling older ones without Apple’s most recent close-focusing hardware and software to take macro photos. With the lens, iPhone photographers can take images that are 12 times larger while standing as near to a subject as 53mm.

Here are some sample pictures:

The Sandmarc 100mm macro lens weighs 114 grams and is 39mm by 48mm. Nevertheless, it is detachable and may be carried independently from the phone in a pocket.

The Sandmarc Macro 100mm lens costs $130 and may be pre-ordered from the company’s website.

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