Sandmarc’s New 58mm Telephoto Lens for iPhone

Sandmarc is a San Diego-based company focused on photography equipment for iPhone, DJI, GoPro, and, more recently, DSLR/Cinema cameras. With the recent release of the iPhone 14/14 Pro, the company returned to the design board to enhance its 60mm telephoto lens, even though they already have a wide variety of alternative lenses for iPhone devices. The result is a new 58mm telephoto lens with enhanced optics and an integrated Pro case.

“The Sandmarc team has undergone multiple enhancements in implementing their newest telephoto lens,” the company writes. “The lens size has changed from 60mm to 58mm, increasing the overall sharpness quality. A better color rendition and improved resolution on the edges. The team has also managed to decrease the chromatic aberration in the Telephoto lens 58mm.”

The lens includes multi-coated & multi-element glass and was created with the professional iPhone photographer in mind. “The lens is housed in an aluminum exterior material for keeping it lightweight for shooting yet durable,” the company adds.

The Sandmarc 58mm telephoto is an add-on lens that fits in front of your iPhone’s built-in cameras. The lens includes a new Pro iPhone cover in order to do this. The housing of the telephoto lens is composed of aluminum, so it should be able to withstand your daily adventures.

Here are some sample pictures:

It won’t significantly increase the weight of your smartphone with a 61g/2.1oz weight. Last but not least, the telephoto lens system comes with a clip-on mount that works with other SANDMARC smartphone filters. It works with the iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone SE, iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 7 models. It is also compatible with the iPhone XS Max, XS, and XR.

The lens costs $129.99 and is available right now.

More info on Sandmarc’s website.

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