SANDMARC Unveils Prolight LED Lights for iPhone Photography & Filmmaking

SANDMARC, a company that specializes in photography gear for iPhone, DJI and GoPro cameras, launched their first compact, powerful and accurate lighting system. Primarily made for iPhone shooters, the SANDMARC Prolight lineup consists of the Prolight RGB and the Prolight Bi-Color. These two battery-powered fixtures are slightly bigger than a credit card and can run at full brightness for around 90 minutes.

Both fixtures feature very similar dimensions: 4.4″ x 2.8″ x 0.53″/112 x 71 x 13.5mm for the RGB version, while the Bi-Color one is thinner at just 0.4″/10mm. These compact lights should not take too much space in your pocket or camera bag for a minimal weight of only 190g (RGB)/147g (Bi-Color).

Also, both lights have a built-in 3000 mAh battery and draw 15W of power. You can expect a battery life of around 90 minutes on the RGB, and 100 minutes on the Bi-Color, at 100% brightness, according to SANDMARC. To recharge the light, there is a USB Type-C port on top of the fixture, next to the power button.

The Prolight RGB provides over 16 million hues of light, giving a versatile spectrum of colors for photography and filmmaking. The pocketable size makes it convenient to place the Prolight in any location, allowing for dynamic indoor and outdoor shots for portrait photography, cinematic storytelling, and more.

The Prolight RGB boasts a CRI of 96+, a color temperature range of 1,000K to 10,000K. It doesn’t seem to offer any built-in lighting effects like you get with some competitors, but it can produce 770 Lux (at 0.5m).

The Prolight Bi-Color is SANDMARC’s most powerful light, with a brightness power of 1,500 Lux. It provides warm and cool temperature tones and anything in between – perfect as a key light or fill light. With a CRI of 95+, it can output a color temperature range of 3,000 – 6,500K and is even a little bit thinner than the RGB variant (10mm vs 13.5mm).

While they seem determined to call this an “iPhone” light, the benefits for street photographers, portrait photographers, YouTubers, and run-and-gun filmmakers are quite clear.

Here some sample shots made with an iPhone:

The SANDMARC Prolight are currently in the pre-order stage and should start shipping by the end of July. The Prolight Bi-Color Edition is $99.99, the RGB version is $129.99, and an RGB & Bi-Color Bundle is available for $199.99.

More info on SANDMARC’s website.

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