Tilta Announces a Cooling Cage for the Canon EOS R5

Featuring a new mirrorless CMOS image sensor and 8K RAW / 4K 120P capabilities, Canon has made an attractive tool for video content creators. But as noted some days ago, this new camera is reportedly prone to overheating during video recording.

With numerous reports of overheating issues with both the R5 & R6 surfacing, Tilta has taken it upon themselves to come up with a solution.
So here a Cooling Cage for the EOS R5, a big external fan strapped directly to the back of the camera.

“Created to extend recording times and help mitigate overheating, this easily installed module combines a fan, heat sink and temperature sensor. It will activate as needed, and can be removed with ease,” says a note on the Tilta’s website.

The 6oz (.17kg) module is made up of a 7-bladed fan that spins at 6200 RPM (with a noise level of 34dB), heat sink, and temperature sensor. When the sensor detects that the camera is getting too hot, it will turn itself on to assist in maintaining lower temperatures while preventing moisture caused by overcooling.

It’s a module that’s easily installed by attaching it to the flat space on the back of the camera that’s exposed once the LCD screen is tilted out of the way.

It is powered through USB-C. There are USB-C inputs on either side of the Cooling Unit. The Cooling Unit is also said to use an NTC smart temperature control switch. This allows it to turn on and off depending on the temperature and if there is any build-up of moisture.

Tilta claims that the Cooling Unit utilizes an ultra-thin design and that it can provide instant temperature reductions for the EOS R5. They also state that the temperature of the camera can be reduced to just 59F (15C) within 1 minute.

The Cooling Unit attaches to the Tactical Cage via a locking mechanism. It doesn’t look like you can use the Cooling Unit without the Tactical Cage.
Pricing and availability of this cooling module have yet to be announced.

More info on Tilta’s website.

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