Seagate Introduces the Exos X Mozaic 3+ Hard Drives

With its newly produced hard disk drive, storage giant Seagate has shattered the record for the largest hard drive ever made. The Exos X Mozaic 3+ provides a massive 30TB of storage.

Seagate intends to promote the new 30TB drive to hyper scalers and enterprise customers, which makes sense considering its enormous capacity. TechRadar reports that it will be available to consumers and will not require any specialized hardware.

According to Seagate, the 30TB Exos X Mozaic 3+ will cost less per terabyte than its current models. B.S. Teh, Seagate’s Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, noted that the new drives incorporate existing Seagate technologies, such as the chassis, motors, and the majority of the circuitry. In fact, the business claims that the Mozaic-integrated hard drives are 95 percent identical to Seagate’s other HDDs. That means the development costs are far lower than those for a completely new line. That is not to argue that these rely solely on outmoded technology. B.S. Teh also says that the new drives feature “a number of ground-breaking, in-house technologies that allowed it to cram more TB per platter,” according to TechRadar.

The new drive, which was released yesterday, “incorporates Seagate’s unique implementation of HAMR to deliver mass-capacity storage at unprecedented areal densities of 3TB per disk and beyond,” according to the company.
According to the business, new disk format will enable data centers to quadruple storage capacity while reducing power consumption per terabyte by 40%. Seagate also intends to offer even greater capacity models with HAMR (Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording) or SMR (Shingled Magnetic Recording) for hyperscale customers.

The Exos X Mozaic 3+ is mentioned on Seagate’s website, but just with a “Talk to an Expert” button and no pricing or availability information.

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