Sirui Unveils Night Walker Compact Cinema-style Lenses

The new Night Walker lenses from Sirui are a set of reasonably priced, small, cinematic-style lenses that can be used with APS-C and Super35 sensors. The three focal lengths in the new series—24mm, 35mm, and 55mm—all have identical physical dimensions and a T1.2 aperture. According to Sirui, this final characteristic makes them perfect for low-light shooting and enables them to be used in a wider range of shooting scenarios without increasing the ISO.

Sirui claims that it not only increases the amount of light that reaches the sensor but also creates a pleasing bokeh effect and maintains optical performance and image sharpness even when the lens is wide open.

“The maximum image circle of 24mm, 35mm, and 55mm lenses are respectively 31mm, 32mm, and 34mm. They are all large enough to cover the sensors size of mainstream S35 cameras (for example, the sensor size of RED KOMODO is 30.56mm),” the company says.

Sirui claims all three optics provide remarkable optical performance with flawless sharpness, little focus breathing, and rigorously controlled aberration by combining high refractive index glass optics with extra-low dispersion (ED) glass elements. One ED and one high-index element are used in the 24mm, one ED and four high-index elements are used in the 35mm, and six high-index optics are used in the 24mm.

With an 83.7mm height and 79mm width across the board for all three Night Walker lenses, switching them in and out of the same rig setup is simple without making any adjustments. The lenses also share geared, step-less aperture rings and a 77.6mm diameter geared focus ring with a 270-degree angle. Each lens weighs roughly 500 grams and has a 67mm filter thread in common.

It should be mentioned that these cinema prime lenses are totally manual, which is not uncommon for cinema primes, but don’t expect autofocus or EXIF data transmission.

The lenses are offered with Sony E, Canon RF, Fujifilm X, and Micro Four Thirds mounts. Among other cameras, Sirui lists the Sony FX30, Canon C70, R50, R7, and Red Komodo, Fujifilm X-T4, and Panasonic Lumix GH6 as potential compatible models.

Sirui is providing the three lenses as part of a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo that was, as of the time of writing, fully financed. Backers can purchase all three lenses for $899, a slight savings from the group’s intended $999 final retail price. Although the campaign finishes on August 10, Sirui anticipates shipping the lenses by the end of July. They come in either a black or silver finish.

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