Snap It Offers Disposable Cameras with a Subscription Model

Disposable cameras are all the rage, and the relatively new Snap It wants to make it easier to always have one on hand by mixing the retro-tech with the very modern subscription service business strategy. When digital photography took over the industry and film cameras became less prevalent, photo developing services started disappearing. In some areas, it’s impossible to get the film developed.

Snap It follows the idea to try and “live in the moment” while still enjoying photography by delaying the amount of time it takes to see images. And just like with Indisposable, Snap It will send digital copies of the images it develops from actual disposable cameras directly to you after they have been developed.

Snap It offers three subscription options, ranging from $10 to $35 per month. The most affordable option, the “SEND” subscription, includes a monthly delivery of a disposable camera but doesn’t include film development.

The “RAGER” subscription box, which costs $30 per month, includes the option to determine how frequently a camera is sent (30, 60, or 90 days), and ships with a pre-paid label to send the camera back for development (which is also included in the price). When Snap It receives the disposable, the photos are developed and sent directly to you in 1800 x 1200 pixel files.

The “GOAT” subscription, which costs just a bit more at $35 per month, gives the same benefits as the Rager subscription but increases the resolution of the files sent to “the highest quality possible” of 4,500 x 3000 pixels.

You can also purchase a disposable camera from Snap It, separate from any monthly subscription. The camera costs $13, although it’s currently on sale from its regular price of $19. A Snap It disposable camera includes 27 exposures of 35mm film and includes a built-in flash.

While you can purchase disposable cameras for less and develop the film yourself, the convenience Snap It offers has value. It doesn’t appear as though the company will ship you physical prints, but that probably is less important to those who are currently interested in using disposable cameras.

More info on Snap It website.

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