The Annual @WomenStreetPhotographers Exhibition in New York City

The International @WomenStreetPhotographers group exhibition of 95 photographers from around the world and the solo exhibition of the artist Valerie Six, was inaugurated last December 12th in New York at El Barrio’s Artspace PS109.
The exhibition is curated by Gulnara Samoilova and is dedicated to the memory of Patti Fogarty, who recently passed away.

Congratulations to the exhibiting artists:

Alexandra Avlonitis
Andrea Torrei
Angela Echanove
Anna Biret
Annu Esko
B Jane Levine
Beth Caron
Birka Wiedmaier
Bruna Rotunno
Carmen Violich-Goodin
Catherine Le Scolan-Quéré
Chelsea London Phillips
Colleen Cavanaugh
Cristina Embil Lopez
Cristina Garlesteanu
Danielle L Goldstein
Deb Achak
Diana Maria
Dimpy Bhalotia
Dominique Misrahi
Efi Longinou
Elena Alexandra
Elisa Mariotti
Emily Sanchez
Farnaz Damnabi
Fatteme Pezeshki Moghadam
Florina Luput
Gisele Duprez
Gloria Salgado Gispert
Graciela Magnoni
Hazel Hankin
Heike Frielingsdorf
Ilana Rose
Ioana Marinca
Jana Kupčáková
Jenna Mulhall-Brereton
Julia Coddington
Julie Hrudova
Jutharat Pinyodoonyachet
Karen Ghostlaw Pomarico
Karen Zusman
Karine Bizard
Karolina Trapp
Katerina Christina
Katrina Crook
Kimberley Wallis
Lara Jo Regan
Laura Reid
Lauren Welles
Lil Steinberg
Liliana Ranalletta
Linda Hacker
Lou Gilbert
Lynne Kaplan
Magda Chudzik
Margarita Mavromichalis
Maria Kappatou
Marika Poquet
Marina Sersale
Martha Cooper
Maude Bardet
Megan Kwasniak
Melissa Breyer
Melissa O’Shaughnessy
Merel Schoneveld
Merja Varkemaa
Michelle Rick
Mina Behravan
Nguher Zaki
Niki Gleoudi
Niki Polyocan
Nina Welch-Kling
Olesia Kim
Orna Naor
Patti Fogarty
Patty Jansen
Pelin Guven
Polly Rusyn
Rebecca Weston
Regula Tschumi
Ruti Alon
Sandra Cattaneo Adorno
Sanja Buterin
Sigrid Debusschere
Sofia Sebastian
Sonia Fitoussi
Sonia Goydenko
Susana Barbera
Suzan Pektas
Valérie Six
Warun Siriprachai
Ximena Echague
Yael Gadot
Zeynep Ozcan

During the opening was present Valerie Six, the winner of the @WomenStreetPhotographers Artist Residency, Gulnara Samoilova, the founder and curator, Ximena Echague, the artist residency judge and mentor.

Valérie Six, despite many challenges during her two week stay in New York City, produced a beautiful and original work of unseen New York.
Her exhibition was curated by Ximena Echague and Gulnara Samoilova, the founder of @WomenStreetPhotographers.
The show contains works by 95 women from around the world and runs until 2 January 2020.

About Women Street Photographers

The Instagram feed of Women Street Photographers (@womenstreetphotographers), and the traveling exhibition, is a platform of well-curated, quality street photography by women.
By focusing strictly on the work of women photographers, we provide extra exposure for female artists. Additionally, it is our goal to create visibility for dedicated women street photographers and to encourage other women to follow their passion.
The Instagram feed of Women Street Photographers, and the traveling exhibition, was founded by Gulnara Samoilova, a street and fine art photographer based in New York City. The project began as a personal Instagram catalog for a future exhibition but has quickly become a popular platform for both amateur and professional women photographers.

About Artspace PS109

El Barrio’s Artspace PS109 is a community-driven project which has transformed an abandoned public school building in East Harlem into an arts facility with 89 units of affordable live/work housing for artists and their families and 10,000 square feet of complementary space for arts organizations.
PS109 is an impressive building. Designed by Charles B.J. Snyder and completed in 1898, this structure is five stories tall with a steeply pitched roof. Exterior details include several copper-clad cupolas and a wealth of decorative terra cotta.
PS109 contains 89 units of affordable live/work housing for artists and their families with 3,000 square feet available for a resident gallery in addition to 10,000 square feet of non-residential space for arts and cultural organizations on the ground floor and lower level.

More info on Artspace PS109’s website.

About the Curator

Gulnara Samoilova is a street and fine art photographer based in New York City and the founder of @WomenStreetPhotographers Instagram feed. She holds a certificate in creative practices from the International Center of Photography in New York City and a diploma in photography from the Moscow Polytech College.
Gulnara is a former Associated Press photojournalist and received national and international awards for her iconic photographs from 9/11/01, including first prize in the most prestigious World Press Photo competition in Amsterdam and nomination for the Pulitzer Prize by the AP. Gulnara’s work is a part of major collections such as the Museum of the City of New York, The New York Public Library, New York Historical Society, the Newseum, and Houston Museum of Fine Arts.
With almost 40 years of combined experience as a documentary photographer, artist, darkroom printer, photojournalist, and photo editor, Gulnara employs her experience and qualifications to research and curate an impressive body of work by women photographers from around the globe. Her personal website is

More info about the exhibition on

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