The Hasselblad H Camera System Has Been Officially Discontinued

Hasselblad discontinued support for its H-system cameras, medium format DSLRs considered standard among high-end studio photographers for many years. The announcement comes from Capture Integration, a leading supplier of medium-format equipment.

Capture Integration said it has been “feeling this sting” for the last 18 months with the H-series cameras due to a lack of product availability. That all climaxed at the end of last week when the company received official notice from Hasselblad that the entire H system series would be discontinued. That implies that all Hasselblad H DSLRs are officially out of stock, and the business will not be accepting new orders for any of the line’s products.

“We can’t even order new battery grips today. All products are out of production. Repair service continues in Sweden for most H products after Hasselblad relocated their long-term headquarters in NJ to California last year. While the H products still work well today, repairs will take longer and more difficult. Please reach out to us if we can help in any way.”

Hasselblad last updated the H series in 2016 with the H6D system, a camera it billed as “a new chapter in medium format photography” that featured a choice of a 50 or 100-megapixel CMOS back, a brand new processor, built-in WiFi, dual card slots (SD and CFast), a new high-resolution touchscreen display, USB 3.0, a shutter speed that ranged from 60 minutes to 1/2000 second, ISO sensitivity up to 12,800, and Hasselblad also introduced its first mirrorless medium format camera, the X1D, in June 2016. However, Hasselblad was purchased by DJI in 2017.

“Hasselblad made poor OEM (original equipment manufacturer) decisions before this acquisition. They were investing heavily into third-party products by adding their logo onto their existing structure, a wooden handle, and exponentially up-charging for their name,” Capture Integration reveals, “The photo market didn’t buy it. These new products were widely panned and didn’t sell. CEOs were fired, and the company was on the verge of insolvency. DJI has been a lifesaver for the brand.”

Hasselblad has invested heavily in its X series mirrorless cameras, including releasing the new X2D 100C late last year.

“So we shouldn’t be worried about the brand. Yes, if you are an old-school guy like me, it’s sad to see any product reach its end of life. The H system is still strong and working in many studios today. However, it’s time to look at replacements.”

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