The World Deserves Witnesses

THE WORLD DESERVES WITNESSES is the new Leica worldwide advertising, video, and print.

A witness, someone who sees what others simply watch. When Leica invented the first 35mm camera in 1914, it allowed people to capture their world and the world around them and document its events, no matter how small or big they were. Today, as for more than one century, Leica keeps celebrating the witnesses, the ones who see the everyday beauty, grace and poetry, and the never-ending irony and drama of our human condition, and bring their cameras to the eye in order to frame it and fix it forever. The campaign created by advertising agency TBWAPARIS was developed using only existing photographs. No photo was created or staged to suit the communication concept, nothing has been retouched or changed. All the photographic testimonies of the new Leica campaign are the pure expression of a personal way of seeing. Due to the plurality of themes – whether societal, political, poetic, or every day – this public expression touches all that is universal and resonates with our humanity.

The campaign includes visuals shown in print and online in more than 15 countries, which will change and renew over time. Over 30 photographers, from all walks of life, contributed to the campaign.

Among the authors chosen for the worldwide advertising, there is also our editorial director Eolo Perfido, with three of his photos (in cover).


Emily Garthwaite
Sarah Ascough
Stephen Vanasco
Chris Suspect
Veronique de Viguerie
Gabriele Micalizzi
Frédéric Lanoizelé
Richard Tsong-Taatarii
Jonathan Eden-Drummond
Christian Werner
Eolo Perfido
Craig Semetko
Damir Sagolj
Jasper Doest
Joshua Buana
Dotan Saguy
Brian Otieno
Joel Meyerowitz
Pierre Belhassen
Matt Stuart
Bree Garcia
Bruce Gilden
Hulton-Deutsch Collection
Sylvestre Dedise
Lutz-Rainer Müller
Justin Mott
Emil Gataullin
Pierre Belhassen

More info on Leica Camera website.

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