Tilta Launches Khronos System for iPhone

Tilta recently unveiled the Khronos Ecosystem, a collection of devices aimed to improve iPhone shooting. If a filmmaker wants to take ProRes capture on iPhone seriously, Tilta argues Khronos can help.

“Khronos ecosystem incorporates an advanced mobile solution, providing a variety of professional features such as lighting, monitoring, filters, interface expansion (1/4, NATO, Cold Shoe), power supply, cooling fan, [and more],” Tilta says. “It is a seamlessly integrated mobile imaging ecosystem for capturing cinematic experiences to capturing your travel adventures — all in one.”

Khronos is compatible with both models of the iPhone 15 Pro and is designed to protect the phone from everyday use while also expanding to a full cinema kit. Installation takes four screws to keep the casing and any associated accessories securely attached, and it has many mounting locations. Tilta claims that it employs a revolutionary locking clamp mechanism to ensure secure connections for extra devices, as well as incorporated electronic contact points throughout to allow filmmakers to send power through the cage and to the attached accessories.

The Handle connects to an iPhone 15 via an integrated USB-C cable and uses Bluetooth to control focus or zoom using the handle’s front-facing dial. There is also the aforementioned cooling system, which includes a 22W variable frequency heat dissipator. When linked to an external power source via USB-C — or powered by the handle — the device can charge an iPhone while also maintaining its temperature through the MagSafe wireless magnetic connection.

The cage also includes an LED light, an expansion hub for connecting external drives and displays via HDMI, an Arca-compatible plate for mounting on a tripod, and a tray for fixing filters using magnets.

All of these parts and more are included in a variety of kits or sold separately. The most expensive set costs $569, while filmmakers can expect to pay $129 for just the iPhone case.

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