Western Digital Introduces the SanDisk Desk Drive

Western Digital (WD) has expanded its SanDisk product line with a new 8TB desktop SSD. The SanDisk Desk Drive, the highest-capacity external desktop SSD to date, promises speed, dependability, and ample storage for content creators.

“As digital content creation continues to soar, there is an increasing need for high-performing and high-capacity storage solutions to help manage and preserve it. Expanding our SSD portfolio is the first step in offering creators backup solutions that deliver the speed and flexibility they need to unlock their creativity,” says Susan Park, Vice President, Consumer Solutions, Western Digital.

The new Desk Drive features a futuristic, flying saucer-like form. It comes in two capacities: 4TB and 8TB, with the identical dimensions. The Desk Drive measures 3.9 inches (99 millimeters) wide and 1.6 inches (40 millimeters) height. It weighs 268 g (9.5 oz).

WD describes the Desk Drive as perfect for those with a large number of images and movies, as well as an easy way to backup files while maintaining fast local access.

Acronis True Image for Western Digital software, which is available for macOS and Windows, allows users to back up chosen disks, files, and folders from their Desk Drive. The program also lets users set up automatic backups. For Mac users, the Desk Drive is compatible with Apple Time Machine.

The DeskDrive claims read rates of up to 1,000 MB/s, which is relatively fast for conventional SSD devices. The drive contains one USB-C (USB 3.2 Gen 2) socket for data transfer and is powered by a separate power cord connection. It also features a Kensington security slot.

The SanDisk Desk Drive is now available. The 4TB version is presently available for $380, while the 8TB model costs $700. Although 8TB is already a lot, Western Digital claims it is working on a 16TB Desk Drive, which should arrive by next year.

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