TTArtisan Announces a 24K Gold Plated 35mm f/1.4 Lens

TTArtisan lenses tend to be more basic and budget-friendly than larger third-party or first-party lens manufacturers, but TTArtisan looks to be trying to change that. The Chinese optics manufacturer just unveiled a new limited edition 35mm f/1.4 lens for Leica M rangefinders that’s covered in 24K gold.

Aside from the fancy exterior, the specs of the fully-manual lens remain the same as its less-flashy black and silver counterparts. It’s constructed of eight elements in seven groups, features an aperture range of F1.4 through F16, uses a 10-blade aperture diaphragm, has a 49mm front filter thread, and offers a minimum focusing distance of 70cm.

TTArtisan will also engrave a custom image onto the lens cap and lens barrel for buyers at no extra cost.

Only 200 of the gold-plated lenses will be produced, and it’s available now for $1,149 on Amazon, a $750 premium over the black and silver editions of the lens. The first units are expected to ship next week.

More info on TTartisan’s website.

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