Viltrox Unveils the AF 16mm f/1.8 Full-Frame Lens for Nikon Z-Mount

Viltrox is introducing its full-frame, autofocus-equipped 16mm f/1.8 DF lens for Nikon Z-mount cameras, promising “ultimate image quality” and exceptional performance in both video and photo applications.

The Viltrox 16mm f/1.8 comprises 15 elements divided into 12 groups, including four extra-low dispersion lenses and three aspherical elements. It has a close focus distance of around 0.27 meters (10.6 inches) and is driven by a “noiseless” stepping motor, which the maker claims correctly operates the lens for both photo and video applications. It has a nine-bladed aperture diaphragm and an aperture range of f/1.8 to f/22. The front filter size is 77mm. It is dust- and moisture-resistant, although the specifics of that promise are not provided.

When the lens is attached to a Z-mount camera and the camera is turned on, the small full-color LED panel illuminates and displays object distance, an Fn icon, an aperture identification bar, and, in the middle and in huge digits, the distance to the current in-focus object.

Here are some sample pictures:

It is now available for $599.99.

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