Zenit has Officially Presented a New 50mm f/0.95 for the Masses

As we told you some days ago, Zenit has officially presented the new 50mm f/0,95 manual focusing Full Frame lens. This lens was announced a few years ago, and its pre-production sample even appeared at various exhibitions.

This lens was introduced after the Zenit brand entered into a collaboration with Leica Camera.
So today is quite easy to see the result of this cooperation.
No electronics: the focus and aperture are completely manual. There is no plastic here, only glass and metal. The movement of the rings is smooth and long. “Infinity” at the focus ring is set exactly – you just need to turn it all the way. The tactile sensations from using this lens are only positive.

The optical scheme of the lens has 9 elements in 8 groups. The diaphragm ring has a stepless, very smooth stroke, which will appeal to videographers. The diaphragm consists of 14 petals for more pleasant bokeh.

And about weight? Mmm, not-so-well. All metal and glass brings the weight to a shocking 1.1 kg.

“Zenitar 0.95/50 is a lens for thoughtful photography that will suit both professionals and amateurs. Thanks to new, improved optical calculations, the image is sharper. It is worth noting your own unusual drawing, which is especially appreciated in artistic photography. The quality of the product is not inferior to foreign counterparts, and an attractive price will allow you to successfully compete with them in both domestic and foreign markets. Of course, the new development brings the Zenitar line to a fundamentally new level.” said KMZ General Director Vadim Kalyugin.

At the end of the day the Krasnogorsk plant managed to create a very high-quality lens.
Sales will begin next week at a price of 50,000 rubles (around $700) in Russia.

Further plans for the development of photo production were also announced. An electronic aperture control is being developed for future models, but autofocus is only in distant plans.

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