Ilford Announces the Ilfocolor Rapid Retro Edition Single Use Camera

We’ve always wondered if Ilford would re-introduce their IlfordColor color negative films from the 1960s, especially with how Kodak and Fuji unable to fulfill the surging demands for their color films lately. Lo-and-behold to everyone’s surprise, Ilford is actually introducing this new single-use camera with their own color film.
Ilford is just the latest in a string of companies jumping back into disposables as they have exploded in popularity recently. Lomography, Yashica have all released new versions of single-use cameras lately.

This comes hard on the heels of the success of the Ilford Sprite II compact film camera, announced late last year. And as with the Sprite – which was originally released in the 1960s – the Ilfocolor Rapid pays homage to Ilford’s past: while Ilford was best known for its black & white film and photographic paper, it also sold a range of Ilfocolor color negative film.
It’s a great way to trial the distinctive look and feel of the film without breaking the budget.

The Ilford Ilfocolor Rapid single-use camera is pre-loaded with 27-exposure ISO 400 color negative film. The fast film combined with a built-in flash makes the Ilfocolor Rapid a versatile performer, delivering great results outdoors and indoors in low light as well.
(Unlike many digital cameras), the single-use film camera features an optical viewfinder – essential when shooting in bright sunlight. It’s equipped with a fixed-focus wide-angle (31mm) f11 lens. Shutter speed is 1/125 sec. The camera delivers sharp images down to 1m.

It’s pre-loaded with an AAA battery, with a 15-second recycle time for low light shooting and fill-flash in bright daylight.
The new camera will be available by end of April with an Australian RRP of $19.95 (US$14.95 in the US market.)

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