Vi Vante Introduces “Pegasus”, a Dual Flap Camera Bag System

Street photographers love photo bags, especially those with style and a modern and refined look.
South Florida based Vi Vante knows that very well. CEO Scott Morvay, a Leica Enthusiast and photographer, felt there was always something missing in the camera products and accessories available on the market. The very meaning of Vi Vante translates to being vibrant and alive.

Today they announced a new product, the Vi Vante “Pegasus” Dual Flap Camera Bag System with Houndstooth Interior.

The Vi Vante “Pegasus” is a dual flap camera bag system which was developed to eliminate the need for a rain cover or false “weather flaps”. Our unique proprietary dual flap system allows both flaps to be opened as one, under normal operating conditions. The dual flaps are attached by duel magnetic buttons. Should inclement weather arise or in any situation where you do not want any contents to fall out, and you can separate the flaps.

Simply zip up the secondary flap to fully secure the camera bag.


  • Proprietary Dual Flap System Developed by Vi Vante
  • Luxurious Houndstooth interior with 3 included dividers
  • Extreme Weight Savings for a total weight of 2.375 Pounds
  • Dimensions 10.5 inches in length x 5.5 inches in width x 7 inches in height
  • Approximately 26.5cm x 14cm x 17.75cm
  • Fixed 47 inch, 119cm shoulder strap, the same length as a Matador. A comfortable length for people of all heights to enjoy when cross carried or same side carry. Essential to the weight savings
  • New Unique Quilted Pattern
  • Premium Top Grain Italian Leather

Vi Vante hand-made Pegasus, designed for the most discerning of enthusiasts, is currently in stock at $499.
More info on Vi Vante’s website.

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